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Lymphatic Drainage I Acupuncture
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Receive post surgical recovery treatments at the comfort of your home, recovery hotel, or AirBnB in the greater Los Angeles, Ca area.  A licensed professional brings the treatment table, relaxing music, organic arnica oil/lotion, and all necessary treatment supplies to create an peaceful healing oasis for your recovery.

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Surgery Recovery

Plan for the recovery process with an in-home lymphatic massage for post liposuction, tummy tuck, mommy make over, brazilian butt lift, face lift, breast augmentation, fat transfers, and skin lifts.  Lymphatic massage reduces swelling and is soothing for the sore body.

Acupuncture nervous system treatments can be combined with a lymphatic massage to reduce anxiety.  Acupuncture can calm post surgical emotional distress and soothe fright. 

Breast Reconstruction- Recovery After Breast Cancer

After mastectomy (unilateral or bilateral), a skilled micro surgeon helps reconstruct the breast with a flap (consisting of skin, flesh, and blood vessels).  Vodder techniques of manual lymphatic drainage can reduce post surgical swelling. Also, a certified lymphedema therapist can assist in medical grade compression garment fitting.


Manage lymphedema with an in-home manual lymphatic massage and complete decongestive therapy (CLT) in the Los Angeles, Ca area. 


Acupuncture lymphatic drainage sessions reduces tissue inflammation and improves circulation. Treatments are provided by a licensed professional with a caring touch.

Gender Affirming Surgery

For those receiving top surgery and/or body transitioning procedures, receive lymphatic massage in a safe space with a caring touch.

Fibrosis/Scar Tissue Massage

Fibrosis massage helps break up scar tissue. It is a type of aggressive body work technique that is done on purpose to break up harden tissue, restoring it back to its supple state of softness.

In addition to manual massage techniques, a therapist may also use tools such as wooden moderatherapia instruments, guashua tools, stainless steel myofasical release blades, along with kinesiotaping to soften harden tissue.


Decongest from lipedema reduction surgery with an in-home manual lymphatic massage in the Los Angeles, Ca area. 

Acupuncture treatments helps treat leaky gut, a symptom often associated with lipedema. Acupuncture is a good compliment to those getting liposuction.  Once the fibrotic fat is surgically removed via liposuction, acupuncture, along with nutritional counseling can help heal the gut.

Lymphatic Massage

Certified Vodder Techniques in Manual Lymphatic Drainage of

Face.   Breast.   Body.   Skin



Surgery Recovery

Lymphatic massage may help reduce swelling and inflammation for post hip-replacement, knee-replacement, rotator-cuff repairs, ankle injuries, etc.


Acupuncture pain management treatments reduces discomfort and improves circulation. We travel to you so you can rest and recover at the comfort of your home.


Mobile lymphatic massage and/or acupuncture available in the Los Angeles, Ca area.

Postnatal Recovery- Csection

Manual lymphatic massage is safe and helpful for those with Csection birth. Nourishing lymphatic massage for the mother to help reduce swelling and reduce stress. 


We travel to you so you can rest and recover at the comfort of your home. Mobile lymphatic post natal massage available in the Los Angeles, Ca area.

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