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Healing After Breast Reconstruction Surgery
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Breast Reconstruction Surgery- The Recovery

What is the recovery for breast reconstruction surgery?


After mastectomy (unilateral or bilateral), a skilled micro surgeon helps reconstruct the breast with a flap (consisting of skin, flesh, and blood vessels).  The flap is selected from a strategic donor site on the patient's body (either lower abdominal area, lower gluteal fold, and/or inner thigh area) and is used to create a new breast shape and volume that is both medically and aesthetically pleasing to the patient's body. Breast reconstruction can be a multiple step process that might involve more than one surgery.  After each surgical procedure, the patient will experience a period of post surgical swelling.  Trained in the Vodder techniques of manual lymphatic drainage, a certified lymphedema therapist (CLT) can be helpful in reducing post surgical swelling.  Wearing medical grade compression garments is also helpful in reducing swelling. Additionally, our CLT can help take measurements to provide fitting for medical grade compression garments. 

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