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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Fibrosis Massage

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What is Fibrosis?

Fibrosis is an inflammatory skin reaction to unresolved swelling.  When the lymphatic system is compromised, removal of cellular waste from the tissue becomes stagnant.  Left unresolved, the skin hardens and becomes lumpy and bumpy.  Our licensed professional provides fibrosis massage to soften the skin, restoring it back its supple state of smoothness.


What is a fibrosis massage? It is body work that involves using more pressure than manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). The manual techniques are aggressive on purpose to help break up scar tissue.  Additionally, your therapist may use tools, such as wooden moderatherapia instruments, guashua tools, stainless steel myofascia release blades, and kinesio taping to help resolve tissue inflammation.

Fibrosis Massage
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