Enjoy In-Home Post- Natal Care

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We provide post cesarean lymphatic massages by the best licensed massage professionals.

Benefits of Post- Natal Pregnancy Massage

Relax     Rejuvenate     Unwind

Lymphatic drainage after pregnancy is a complementary therapeutic service to ease the discomfort often associated with pregnancy.  Studies have shown that lymphatic drainage helps reduce swelling, provides stress relief, and rejuvenates the body.  Getting routine bodywork post pregnancy is a wonderful post-natal care for the mother as her body undergoes the usual changes of labor and delivery.  Massage and bodywork relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced post-pregnancy, such as lower back pain, stiffness of the neck, leg swelling, headaches, anxiety and stress.

During the lymphatic massage, our licensed massage professional will take extra care to ensure your entire massage experience is both comfortable and relaxing.  Our therapist will provide a spa-quality massage with you in position that is supportive, while using fluffy, soft cushions to alleviate strain of the lower back. 

Depending where you are at in your recovery, your therapist will customize the massage with techniques that will best address your specific requests and needs.

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Our massage services are provided by highly trained professionals with over 10 years of experience specifically in prenatal/postnatal care.  We offer confidence that you are in good hands.

In-Home Massage

Want to avoid LA traffic and enjoy a relaxing day at home? Don't let driving get in the way of your stress-free day.  We will bring the spa to you!  We travel to our client's home and will bring all the necessary equipment to create an ultimate therapeutic oasis at the comfort of your home.

Flexible Schedule

We understand being a working mom can be difficult to schedule self-care time.  That is why we work around your busy schedule.  We accept appointments from 8am- 5pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays. 

Hospital Visits

Want a massage while waiting to get discharge from the hospital?  Let us expedite your healing by visiting you at the hospital.  Most hospitals are supportive of  the benefits of a healing touch and will welcome your massage therapist.  Soft tissue body work can be done while you rest and recover.

In-Home Post-Natal Massage

in Los Angeles, Ca.